Saturday, October 6

8:00AM - 4:00PM

Tahoe Park

Sacramento, CA

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Saturday, October 20

8:00AM - 4:00PM

Ralph B. Clark Regional Park

Buena Park, CA

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Early Registration (CHECKS ONLY)

  • Teams (of 6 people): $48/team
  • Alternates/Individual Sign-Ups: $8/person
  • Judges and Spectators: $5/person
  • MUST BE RECEIVED BY September 28 for North and October 12 for South

Onsite Registration (CASH ONLY)

  • Teams (of 6 people): $72/team
  • Alternates/Individual Sign-Ups: $12/person
  • Spectators: $5/person



Registration Begins
Judges Meeting
Opening Session
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Lunch & DCM's
Closing Session
Clean Up



Crazy Kompetition for Infants

Crazy Kompetition for Infants (CKI) is an annual event that raises money for Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) through a series of fun, competitive mini-games and relays. As the first District event of the academic year, Crazy Komp allows new members their first chance to meet so many different people while giving returning members an opportunity to reconnect with old friends.

Form teams within your home club or division and compete against other teams to be the last one standing! Crazy Komp will let you tap into your inner child and release your competitive spirit! Ask your club president about registering to find out if you have what it takes to come out on top!

Pediatric Trauma Program

The Pediatric Trauma Program is a charity established by the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation in 1994 which focuses on the need for education and training in pediatric trauma and injury prevention. The purpose of the program is to develop local service projects to educate people of children’s safety to decrease the number of children who are severely injured or killed due to traumatic unintentional injuries. Funds raised are used to purchase safety equipment, provide proper training to medical staff, and support projects created by our six partner hospitals.

Show your support for PTP by participating in PTP Week 2018!

For more information about PTP, please contact DFI Ambassador Kevin Ru at [email protected], or visit their website.


How much does attending Crazy Komp cost?

Early registration for teams are $8 per participant, for a total of $48 per team (alternates will be an additional $8). On-site registration for teams are $12 per participant, for a total of $72 per team (alternates will be an additional $12). Judges and spectators are $5 per person. Parking at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park for Crazy Komp South is $5 per car.

Can teams be formed by members from different schools?

Yes! Just make sure to have each member submit registration through their respective school and to indicate on the registration form that they are on a team comprised of different team members.

Can clubs register with incomplete teams?

We recommend reaching out to your home club and division (eg. by posting on FB pages or asking around during general meetings or DCMs) if you are struggling to find a complete team. However, incomplete teams are still welcome -- we will combine incomplete teams on-site!

When and where do I submit waivers?

Waivers must be filled out for all attendees, and should be sent in with your club's payment and registration forms. However, members are allowed to submit waivers on-site at the event in the case that they forget to submit it to their Club Treasurer.

Some of my club members have signed up to be a Judge/Spectator/Medic for Crazy Kompetition for Infants. How do I submit payment for their registration fees?

The registration fees for Judges and Spectators can be mailed in with your club's early registration fees. However, in the case that a Judge or Spectator forgets to submit payment in time for early registration, they will be allowed to pay on-site at the event since they are subject to a flat $5 registration fee. On-site Medics do not have to pay for registration.

Can clubs make changes to their teams after they have submitted registration?

We understand that quarter schools only have a few weeks to advertise Crazy Komp to their members, so we will allow for team switches to happen on-site. However, we request that a club representative (eg. Club President or Treasurer) provide a list of all finalized teams and members in attendance on-site.

Are teams required to have a theme and dress up?

Although teams and individual members are not required to dress up, we do encourage y'all to dress up and get creative with your team names since it enhances the member experience!

Can I attend Crazy Komp without participating on a team?

Although we recommend that attendees do play on a team, we understand that participating may not be everyone's cup of tea. You can still attend Crazy Komp as a judge, spectator, or on-site first aid medic.

I attend a quarter system school, and we only have a few weeks to advertise Crazy Kompetition for Infants to new members. How can we encourage members to attend without paying the on-site registration price?

In previous years, clubs reserve spots for members by listing "Member 1/2/etc." on the registration form and paying early registration prices for those spots. As members express interest in Crazy Komp and sign up, they are able to take one of those reserved spots and pay the early registration price. Then, on-site at the event, a club representative (eg. Club President or Treasurer) can check in with Early Registration and present a list of finalized teams and member names. If you find that you cannot fill all the spots you reserved with your club members, you can advertise to your division to fill them in!

How does parking work?

For CKI North, there is parking all around the park — remember to get here early to get a close spot! For CKI South, parking is $5 per car entry and must be paid in cash upon entrance of the park. Alternatively, there is limited free street parking around the park.



CKI North Chair

Rendell Lopez
[email protected]

District Treasurer

Shaira Ramirez-Santos
[email protected]

CKI South Chair

Ryan Luong
[email protected]